So, it’s been a while, I know. But I have some news! I am finally going to transfer for the first time in my nine months on a mission! I am headed to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Sounds funny, I know. It’s just in the province to the west of where I am now. So yeah I’ll be traveling many kilometres to get there. I think I’ll be travelling 12 hours on Thursday. 😁 Also speaking of kilometres, we definitely went over our allotment last month. The month ended last week, and we took a trip to Winnipeg to exchange with Elders de Leon and Soressi. So we obliterated our allotted Ks. But, we did go to a poutinerie, and we got bacon cheeseburger, chicken bacon ranch, and classic poutine. It was really good! Pictures to come.
We also went and bought like four new ties, because the selection in one place gets old after nine months.
It’s super tough to leave Brandon and all of the wonderful people here I have grown to love, but I know that my time is up and I will do great things in “S’toon” with the Lord’s help!
Elder Madsen 



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