This week was really good! We had some good lessons and got some good referrals (we met standards of excellence!) from people. It is so great that we can finally teach people – in part because we didn’t really have a good teaching pool, and also because Elder Calton’s Spanish is getting functional! We taught a whole 45 minute lesson and he spoke about half the time. It’s sort of fun seeing him get better at Spanish and teaching and getting the whole missionary thing down. Of course he is still getting trained and has a bunch to learn, but so do I! There is a saying here in the mission that goes “Training is like getting trained.” and it could not be more true. You learn a lot when you go through the training material again and realise that your trainee is watching you so you literally have to be the best missionary possible so that you don’t “break” them. President Craig says that if we “break” our trainees, then everyone else has to spend the next 21 months fixing them. Not something you want on your shoulders.
Missionary work – all over the world, not just here – is taking a huge shift and refocusing on families and working with members. It just makes sense that our most productive work happens through members who know someone, not by knocking on doors. So if you are a member and have missionaries in your ward, step up to the plate. Us missionaries need YOU! Whether it be to go to a lesson with them (you will feel inadequate but the Lord will help you!), or give someone a ride to church, NEVER be too busy to help your local missionaries. If you think you’re busy or that life is complicated, make time, think of the missionaries, whose full-time job is to teach, get canceled on, find people, and do all this away from home and family with the Lord oftentimes being the only one bearing them up.
Anyways, enough of the lecture. You get the point. That’s really it other than it got up to plus 6 Celsius this week…strange. Everything melted and got wet and puddles everywhere, and now is frozen again. I slipped on the ice and hit my head. I’m fine. Only second fall so far!
We watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration yesterday for a young adult activity. We had some people come so it was a really good turnout. It was also a really good movie. I would definitely recommend it. It’s on LDS.org.
Look at what is a commodity here in Canada! TIM TAMS! So yeah I was just super excited to find these after having Australian friends let me try them at BYU Hawaii.

Elder Madsen


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