Narnia, moose meat, training, and all the Latin food


Hey all! You may just have to accept you won’t get weekly emails from me…that being said, I will never stop trying!
So NYE was very uneventful, we went to bed by 10:10 I think. New Years Day, we had some really good turkey cooked by a Salvadorian member. Then later that night, we had a really good supper at another member’s house. So yeah the members here in Brandon LOVE us, which is why I am also happy to report I am staying here! That’s right, we got transfer calls, and I am staying here. So Friday will be my six month mark in this area…yeah that’s right. I’ve been here since the start! And guess what. I’m training. They must trust me a lot because he is the first Spanish elder to come in since me (there are only six of us). I love it here, there is no place better!
The other day, we had a moose roast for supper at a member’s house. It was pretty good, tasted just like beef to tell the truth. Now all that is left on the list is elk and caribou, then my transformation into a Canadian will be complete!
As for the Latin food, the Brandon missionaries are the luckiest in the mission because we not only get to serve in the best area but we also have the biggest latino population. So that means we get all the latino food. So on Wednesday night (before transfers, for all the departing missionaries) we are making pupusas (El Salvador) for a young adult activity. Then on Saturday a family is having all of us over for baleadas (Honduras). Basically we are so #blessed. I am surprised I haven’t gained any weight on my mission.
Love you all!
Elder Madsen


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