Happy Christmas!

I am a terrible email writer, forgive me!

 The past few weeks have been a little bit crazy! So yeah so sorry I haven’t written. 


The happiest merriest Christmas to you all! I can’t believe this year is speeding to a close either, and with that, the transfer closes on the 6th! (6 whole months! Where did the time go?!)
Just yesterday a Peruvian woman commented on how my accent is that of a Latin person, and she asked me when I began to speak fluently. I was kind of taken aback and asked her back “Fluently? Me?” So that was definitely a confidence boost.
So, Winnipeg. We left Monday night to make the two hour drive, to be able to attend a zone conference on Tuesday. Really good portions from President and Sister Craig, the APs, the Sister Training Leaders, and the Zone Leaders. Even the Stake President! We had lasagna for lunch, and cream of mushroom pork for supper. The Winnipeg Stake Relief Society sisters sure know how to feed 60+ hungry missionaries!. Then we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” to close the evening.
The next morning (Wednesday) we had interviews with President Craig! I love that man. He loves us and makes sure we know it too. Sister Craig churned out several batches of caramel corn for all the missionaries; I ended up slipping on some ice and my bag fell on the popcorn and popped the bag. Popcorn EVERYWHERE. I’m okay, just some bruising on my right side. My first slip had to happen sooner or later. Anyways, back to interviews. President actually asked for my thoughts in terms of the future of the Spanish speaking District. I assume he did this because I have had a chance to work with everyone in it. Exchanges with two of them, companions with two of them…our district is small…He asked about who should be companions next, where they should serve, etc. Basically, he straight up asked me how I would feel about training the new Spanish missionary coming in on January 7th. So everyone’s speculation is that I will stay in Brandon another three months and train the new guy.
We actually got to stay in Winnipeg an extra day, because a storm came in, so I exchanged with my District Leader and we taught some great lessons!
We have no plans for Christmas Eve…hopefully we will. I don’t know how that would happen…but we will have faith! For Christmas, we have supper out on a member’s farm. That should be fun. 
People here celebrate much like Americans…It is just hard to tell anything because as a missionary, all the days feel the same. I suppose it is because I am not home that it doesn’t feel like Christmas…but that isn’t a bad thing. I still feel the love of my family and the ward here, and there are presents under the Christmas tree and a stocking hanging on the mantle. So no worries there.
That’s all folks!
Elder Madsen


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