Four Month Frosters & Thanksgiving 

Four month frosters! They are both staying, so we will celebrate five and six months together as well!

We went to Five Guys on Thursday (Thanksgiving) to celebrate for ourselves…the English Elders went into Winnipeg for transfers so that is why they are missing. A couple in the ward had us over on Sunday for American Thanksgiving. They are the nicest people! They do so much for us.

Canadian thanksgiving is exactly the same as American, in terms of food anyway. All the same stuff, even down to the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. So I think total we have been fed three thanksgiving meals, this month and last.

 Time sure flies, doesn’t it? I put up our Christmas tree. I made agua de panela. Columbian sugar cane hot drink. Pretty good.

Wind storms are the worst! We had upwards of 100 kph winds here this week, with intermittent flurries. So that was fun. Some tiny hail blew straight into my ear and it hurt for a couple minutes. But it was hard to walk straight or make any progress forward at times. It only lasted two days though. We got a dumping of about three inches a few days ago…then it melted and iced over. So ice is the main concern for now…forget about the at and below 0 F temps we were having. It is definitely getting colder. 
Elder Madsen  


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