Been a while, eh?


Hey there everyone, I know it’s been a while, but here is an update, and lots of pictures! I am working always with my companion and his Spanish, trying to teach something that came naturally to me is pretty difficult, but we make it work, the books from the MTC are really helpful.
Transfer calls are this Saturday, I will either stay here or go to Winnipeg. Not sure because the speculation of the Spanish district is I will train the new guy in January, but also not likely I stay in Brandon for 9 months…so we will see!
Things that happened (from the past few weeks):
Fast Sunday dinner courtesy of Bishop’s wife. Thanksgiving spread and pumpkin cake (delicious)

Mopped the local food bank floor. It’s a warehouse. All of it. Took us 2 hours, but it was fun.

We got flu shots. Walked in to the Shopper’s Drug Mart (like a fancy rite aid or walgreens), asked for flu shots at the pharmacy. We were like “yeah, but wait…we aren’t citizens.” They looked at us like it would be a problem or complicated (which the mission made it sound like it would be…but the pharmacist just had us put down as international students. So we just walked in off the street and got free flu shots without giving any verified, legitimate information. That’s Canadian Health Care I guess.

While waiting for the shots, a boy asked me if I was a Wheat King (the Brandon minor league hockey team). I was like no…then he asked if my comp was, again I said no….So he told me “Oh…I just know the Wheat Kings come here to get flu shots.” He was wearing a chewbacca (from star wars) backpack, complete with a hood and ears.

Met a girl named L’oreal, yes like the shampoo.

We met with a less active whose two kids come to church. She realised she needs the gospel back in her life. This is a result of her blacking out, and being told she was at the hospital and waking up finally at the police station. So that was fun to talk about. But now she wants to be taught all the missionary lessons again. So that is really good!

I had a really good exchange with Elder de Leon, he may be my next companion, but if not then I will for sure get to serve with him at some point.

We sorted 2000+ pokemon cards or a member’s daughters birthday present.

We went to McDonald’s drive thru at like 9 one night on the way home for cones. The girl at the drive thru’s name was Sabrina. So Elder Peterson (driver), and I look at each other and had a mutual understanding. I said “I’ll give you a looney (a dollar coin).” He said ok. So he turns to Sabrina and says “Is your name Sabrina?” She said yeah… “Are you a teenage witch?” She just giggled and we all had a laugh.

There were three baptisms here on Saturday! Super good for the English Elders and the Sisters. So Brandon had half the baptisms for the week for the mission. #bestarea

Sunday was good! I conferred the Aaronic Priesthood to Aris, and his daughter told us she wants us to teach her! So great!
That is basically all the happenings. Love you guys!
Elder Madsen
Wearing a poppy because Canadians and the British wear poppies for Remembrance/Armistice Day (Veteran’s Day).

Already feeling the Christmas love. Seriously – packages make a missionary’s MONTH.

Pokemon cards FOR DAYS



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