4 months

The weeks fly by when you are a missionary.  

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a theme in the things I teach, whether lessons or gospel doctrine, or whatever. The theme is that Christ (and his atonement) is the center of everything we are and do in this life and in this Church (which is why it is the Church of Jesus Christ). It is always helpful when I remind myself of this. I also like Christ’ message to the Pharisees and scribe where he rebukes them for saying one thing but doing another. It is important to evaluate our standing daily and to make sure we are a worthy vessel before the Lord, both on the inside and out, every day. As missionaries, it is important for us to remember that we are literally vessels for the Spirit and of the Priesthood, and that the Priesthood is exercised through the Spirit.
I used my Starbucks gift card, thanks Mom!

The cold has been fine so far…not colder than the teens (and that is with windchill) during the day. But this week the snow is supposed to come for good and stay. It has been snowing on and off the past week, but nothing noteworthy. So glad I brought my Eddie Bauer First Assent down jacket. That thing is nice!
My week was pretty mellow. We got milkshakes at McDonalds, as well as cones another night. We went to Five Guys and I got fries for lunch. It was a little fry but filled me! I tried my first A&W float…I was disappointed. 

We made taco soup and it was delicious! Sour cream and tortilla chips and cheese galore (cheese here is sooo expensive, like 700g for $10.

I may or may not have bought a 2L of froyo today… 😉

I want Bissenden’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookie recipe, please! I would love to make those sometime. 

Elder Madsen


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