Getting Colder

It is getting colder here, it was supposed to snow the past two days but I guess it just couldn’t break freezing. We are hovering at 1C today. The nights get into like -5ish but not at the right times for snow yet I guess. Broke out my gloves and a toque (beanie), and my daily attire is a sweater and my rain jacket. Might be scarf weather soon with the prairie winds blowing like they do!
 I had a good experience two Sundays ago. A member brought a woman to church with him, and I had sort of met her at a meal appointment  earlier that week actually. So I recognised her, and she did us. We ended up getting partnered for something in Gospel Principles.(Sunday School) She turned to me and said she had never read the book (the manual) before and didn’t know what was going on. She asked me “Quien es Jose Smith?” So I knew it was a perfect opportunity that had fallen into my lap. I tried to condense the entirety (sans a few parts) of Lesson One, La Restauracion, and teach her the basics. She is coming to church next week and I want to start teaching her for real…especially if this member is dating her.

We had a really great Stake Conference.  So I was translating for a man who was signing, then getting interpreted into English for the congregation, and then into Spanish for our members. Crazy! It was a really good conference, all about temples, families, and the Sabbath day. Lots of good stories about sacrifices made to attend the temple. 




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