Happy Thanksgiving! 


Yes, it really is Canadian Thanksgiving. It is bizarre, Halloween hasn’t even happened yet. Anyways, we had a good week! We got transfer calls and a baptism, and I’ve been out three months.
So the mission is opening up two new Spanish areas, so all six Spanish elders will get to serve in their mission language. This means I get to be senior companion to someone who is older than me (in mission age) because I need to teach him Spanish. It will be great fun I think, because three Elders have not gotten to serve in a Spanish area since they’ve been out. I’m also the only white guy teaching Spanish. This will be great! This also means I will probably serve my entire mission in Spanish areas, instead of just a few months.
We had our baptism! Right at the end of my training too, which I’ve heard is a big deal. We were so lucky to find him together and teach him, and then baptise him, all in just a little over two months.
Other than that nothing much has happened. We get to drive into Winnipeg for transfers on Thursday, and I get a new companion. 
So Happy Columbus Day to all of you in the states, because that is the most exciting thing going on there…
Elder Madsen



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