Christmas letters & Packages

I received an email from Cole’s mission just in case anyone was wanting to send a greeting!

Thanks everyone for supporting Cole! 

Take care, Joleen

Dear Family and Loved Ones,

I know it is hard to believe, but as family and loved ones of missionaries in the Canada Winnipeg Mission, NOW is the time to start thinking about, purchasing, packaging, and sending Christmas packages, cards, and letters for your missionary.
May I please remind you of a few IMPORTANT items:

1. If you want to be assured that your missionary has a package to open on Christmas morning, have everything mailed by NOVEMBER 1, 2015.

2. All packages, cards, and letters that are for Christmas, need to be marked clearly on the package or envelope with the word “Christmas” and your missionary’s full name (we have several missionaries with the same last name), they will be held and dispersed during the December Zone Conferences.

3. Packages with a declared worth over $60 will incur custom taxes. The mission office accepts all packages and pays all fees. However, those fees are then deducted from each individual missionary’s monthly allotment.

4. Please resist the temptation to procrastinate sending by November 1, 2015, thinking that you can send the packages/mail directly to your missionary’s apartment. We continue to have problems with this scenario as missionaries are rarely in their apartments when packages are delivered. We have had packages “returned to sender” due to missionaries not being home.

5. Please resist the temptation to procrastinate sending by November 1, 2015, thinking that you can send the package/mail via express, two-day, and/or overnight delivery. Last year we had a number of frantic parents (and disappointed missionaries) whose packages were sent using various express services that did not live up to their claim of “guaranteed delivery”.

6. Please remember that Ipods, Ipads, and similar devices are not approved. Guidelines for appropriate books and music for missionaries may be found in the Missionary Handbook:


The safest and surest way to guarantee that your missionary receives his/her Christmas mail is to mail it to the Mission Office, no later than November 1, 2015:

Canada Winnipeg Mission
Elder S. Cole Madsen

505 Academy Road

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3N 0C9




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