September 28th

Hello all,
First off, I think some of you have had issues receiving some of my past emails, if so, you can find all of them posted to my mission blog:

Anyways, it’s been really good recently! On Saturday we started off by doing some service. We helped out at an ice rink near the church. There are outdoor ice rinks all over town, used for hockey for the schools and such. So we were fixing that up and getting it ready for the winter. It’s weird because they are just filled with grass right now. We were fed hamburgers and bratwursts (donated by the local German butcher – sooo good), and baked goods donated by the German baker (what’s with the delicious German things? I’m not really sure.) Then we had our investigator cancel our appointment, which was disappointing because he has a baptismal date for October 10th, but I wasn’t too worried, he is pretty solid. Then we went and helped one of the Sisters’ investigators move. So we were in service clothes from 8am to 4pm! Basically just did a lot of service that day.

On Sunday, the six of us joined for supper and pooled our food together. The sisters made us pizzas on bagels, Elder Bingham and I made hashbrowns (because we STILL have potatoes from the Hatt’s garden), we baked some cinnamon rolls, and frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. So we ate like royalty.
On Wednesday, we joined in and cleaned up the Assiniboine Riverbank. In September there is like a Great Canadian Shoreline cleanup and local communities organise to clean up the waterfronts all across Canada.
Elder Bingham and I were on exchange this week too! He is an English elder and so I was senior companion for the day in the Spanish area, meaning we got the car and I drove! It actually makes you feel a lot more normal. We had a lesson, so I obviously took the lead and did the whole thing single-handedly in Spanish. That was fun, we were in there for an hour and forty five minutes! The man we taught is just so ready and definitely looking to change his life. He stopped smoking cold turkey and he is going on 3+ weeks now!
So yeah we are trucking along here, teaching and serving. I love serving people, like doing whatever it is, even moving them! I never though I would say that in my life but it’s true! Being out here and sharing the gospel and serving people is just the best and I love being a missionary!

Elder Madsen
It’s  Quinn’s birthday so I sent a prize:

My kids were spoiled by their Uncle Coley, who sent a box full of Surprise Eggs from Canada! To say they were excited would be an understatement…and I can’t even tell you how many times each day they ask to open more! Thank you Elder Cole Madsen 😘



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