Labour Day

No group email today because we have to start driving. But pictures!

Here are a few excerpts from his email to me – Joleen

Sunday was good. Great testimonies by the bishop’s wife and our new sister, Sister Stevenett.School here for the kids starts tomorrow so everyone is hustling around getting enrolled for online seminary. They don’t do a class here because the ward is huge and the stake is all of Manitoba.

So, I was walking up to a Postes Canada office today, noticed the lights were off and that it was closed because of Labour day, so I can’t mail Quinn’s birthday package until tomorrow, which will be our unofficial P-day since both Walmart and Superstore were closed today. Like what?! 

It’s officially done with summer here. Thursday was the last day of 38 degrees. Then Friday was rainy. Today it’s gonna be about 17 degrees and I’m wearing my down vest, because we are road tripping out to the Hatt family.  They live about 2 hours south, 7 miles from the border. So I’ll be able to see home! And we might get the northern lights on the way back…!

I have three talks to read for now, in preparation for the coming of Elder Renlund. We will drive out to Winnipeg on Thursday morning. He is the one who spoke in conference a while ago and said something along the lines of “God cares a lot more about who you are now, than about who you once were.” So I’m excited to hear him speak.!

Elder Madsen 



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