Inca Kola

Look, we have Inca Kola all the way up here in Canada!
We had an Annual Cornroast at a member’s farm!

Tomorrow marks the start of Week 6 of training (almost half way there!) 
Training focuses on PMG, The District videos, some of which I’ve seen like 3 times at this point, and companionship practices and studies. They use 8 key points as well, like Revelation through (church, prayer, scripture study, holy ghost). It teaches things like Planning, using the Area Book/other planning resources, using members in missionary work, etc. I usually alway learns something.
The Ward is mostly older people and some Latinos. A couple young families and couples. Maybe 4-5 youth, but they are good. We were doing Hymns in the Park, just us going out and singing with members or whoever wanted to come. That was mostly a finding activity. Our average day consists of us stopping by talking to people and hoping to have a lesson or plan a date for one. Our teaching pool is large enough that we have enough people to do that everyday. The English Elders put on an English class and we are thinking of doing a Spanish one. We do a lot of service. 1.5 hours at a food bank every Tuesday, 2 hours at a soup kitchen every Thursday. We were also helping a woman move stuff all around and out for a garage sale and into a storage unit from her 1902 three-story house + basement. Furniture, boxes, the works. She is always very grateful and feeds us! We usually mow a couple people’s lawns every week, and we have a  sister who is renovating her house so there is always stuff to do, and she feeds us too!
Elder Madsen


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