Hello everyone!
I’ve had a great week, lots of teaching and other great experiences. One of the people we teach prayed out loud for the first time and he just broke down crying, I think it was a very special moment for him. He came to church too! So I look forward to working more with him.
We also had a woman call us out of nowhere. We’d been trying to contact her and knocked on her door earlier in the day. Anyways, she said she was sorry she missed us, and then invited us for this coming Sunday, and even said she’d come to church. So that’s a plus.
A young Latin couple was just called as Ward Missionaries and they are super pumped to help us out and they have great ideas. They had us for dinner and it was sooo good, there was avocado and I think I almost cried because produce (especially avocados) are so expensive here. They are gonna have us over and teach us how to make pupusas…not sure what they are but everyone says they are delicious. I am glad that I can go to the store and pick out some nice Washington apples though. We also had supper with a Colombian family had arepas (corn masa with cheese and meat inside). Also very good. We have masa mix at home so I might try my hand at those. The missionaries here say that you have no hope of eating good Mexican/Latin food in Canada unless you live in Brandon and are serving in Spanish…so I definitely feel lucky haha.
We went out as a district to Mac’s, a gas bar (convenience/corner store) and got frosters, these magical Canadian inventions that is basically a 7-11 slurpee with soft serve.
Oh so transfers aren’t until Sep. 3rd, but one of the sisters in my district is transferring to the area in Minnesota this week, because someone is going home a week early…a bit odd and we will definitely miss her because our district will be down one person.
Anyways, I continue to appreciate all the emails, and love to write back, but it’s about time I logged off, so until next week!
Elder Madsen


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