cake & ice cream


Hello everyone! Sorry I didn’t email last week, I was really pressed for time because I made cake and homemade ice cream for an Elder in my district for his birthday. We also went to a Chinese buffet for lunch that day, and it was pretty good!
Anyways, we have been on and off busy for the last two weeks. We’ll have some really slow days followed by a day where we teach four different people and meet tons of others. We have a pretty constant pool of people we work with, which is good. We usually try to see any given person at least once a week, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. But, the work goes on and I really love it. It’s interesting to get to meet these people and get to know them better and here their stories. They just have such different backgrounds and stories about how they grew up and where they’ve come from, and what role God, faith, and the Gospel has played in their lives, in getting them to Canada, and so on. Many of the families of the people we teach are still back in Central America, waiting to be brought here by their husbands/family members who work at Maple Leaf, because they have to finish out their contract.
As a district, we get together for lunch or dinner several times a week which is a nice time to break up all the missionary-ness. We made foil dinners the other day and played basketball, and then another night we made a giant pot of Kraft Dinner, or KD (known as Kraft Mac & Cheese to Americans…I like the American version better). I think this week is calling for Qdoba…we’ll see.
Not much else going on around here, just trucking along. It’s always good to hear from you guys, I love reading your emails. 

 Elder Madsen

Pictures too! Foil dinners, and the birthday boy!



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