Week 4

Time is seriously flying by so quickly! This week was great though. We found a new investigator (someone who is interested in “investigating” or learning more about the Church)!
The area were I am currently serving there are a lot of First Nation people (like Native Americans…but Canadian) .  I have found them to be really nice.  One of the sisters in the ward had us over on Saturday for Bannock Tacos. Bannock is basically Native fry bread, so like fry bread tacos. They were really good. We got to meet the bishop of the ward last night. They had some of the Latin members over for dinner, including a Brasilian. It’s fun to speak Spanish and Portuguese with him. The bishop and his wife are really kind.   They have five kids but are empty nesters, so they love all the missionaries now. They’re going to have all 7 of us over next Sunday.
Most of the people we teach, if they aren’t Canadian, are from El Salvador or Honduras, because Maple Leaf, a meat company with a plant here, brought all of them up for work. So we speak Spanish quite a bit but still get to used English too. I also heard Russian and German at Walmart today, and there are some Asians here, and throw that in with all the French and Brandon is a pretty diverse town.
I gave the Gospel Principles class for Sunday School yesterday in Spanish. I think I did pretty well! It was about charity/the pure love of Christ and we had a really great discussion on what it means to truly love others and take upon you the love and character of Christ and emulate it.
Went grocery shopping today and am trying to plan meals for the week and eat healthy.
Anyways, not much else going on here, just working hard every day, teaching people and trying to find people who want to listen to us. it’s been hitting 9 degrees (48F) at night and people say fall is coming. Hard to believe that it was 35 (95F) degrees last week. We’ve gotten some gnarly thunderstorms though…and some funnel clouds. Can’t wait for snow come October!
Also sorry about no pictures, I’ll try harder to take some this week.
Elder Madsen


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