Hello everyone! I’ve had a great week, lots of teaching and other great experiences. One of the people we teach prayed out loud for the first time and he just broke down crying, I think it was a very special moment for him. He came to church too! So I look forward to working … More ¬°FROSTERS!

cake & ice cream

   Hello everyone! Sorry I didn’t email last week, I was really pressed for time because I made cake and homemade ice cream for an Elder in my district for his birthday. We also went to a Chinese buffet for lunch that day, and it was pretty good! Anyways, we have been on and off … More cake & ice cream

Week 4

Time is seriously flying by so quickly! This week was great though. We found a new investigator (someone who is interested in “investigating” or learning more about the Church)! The area were I am currently serving there are a lot of First Nation people (like Native Americans…but Canadian) .  I have found them to be … More Week 4