1/2 week

So we arrived in Winnipeg around 11:30a on Wednesday and we had lunch at a chapel that is also the Mission Office. We has some meetings with Assistants to the President and then went to Mission Home for dinner and interviews with Pres Craig. I really like him, he’s gonna be great I think. The next day we had breakfast and went to a different chapel for transfer meeting and orientation. My trainer is Elder Fuentes, parents from Chile, born in NYC, lived in Charlotte his whole life. So I’m serving in Brandon Zone, in Brandon Spanish area, the ONLY area in the mission that is Spanish. My comp and I are two of 6 Spanish Elders and 2 Spanish Sisters in the mission but we are the only ones “actively” serving in Spanish. So in Brandon Area there’s us, two English Elders, and three English Sisters. I came to the mission with the other training elder and two sisters so we outnumber our trainers 4-3. We have an AWD Chevy Equinox (all the cars here are subarus or AWD SUVs because of the snow) and so do the sisters, so the other elders get rides from us when they can, but the bus system is good I hear so not bad.
Apartment is nicer than BYUH dorms so I can’t complain…it’s a missionary apartment. BUT it has laundry. So that’s nice. Emptied 6 grocery bags full of bad/rotten/moldy food from the fridge/freezer. Cleaning it out with lysol wipes later.
We had an appointment with an investigator like 20 mins after we rolled into town, it was pretty good. Mostly we do stop-bys around here, trying to meet with investigators or potentials. Lots of less active members in the ward, which is like 50 people max, so definitely like a branch. We also taught the Spanish Sunday School class because the sister who teaches it is sort of flaky apparently. Winged it. It was fine. We also translate sacrament meeting live over headsets if needed.
I’m realising how resourceful I am at scavenging food or making stuff. I’ve had peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast a couple times, and dry cheerios for dinner once. Elder Fuentes is out of allotment for the month so he scavenges but had to let me eat. Finally went shopping today so should be good. But I made some alfredo pasta, perogies, and some fried rice last week so I’m no to worried if I can make actual food out of nothing. Anyways, headed off to get some lunch.
Elder Madsen


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