Week Two / Semana Dos


 Hey everyone!

It’s my 12th day here at the MTC and my program/official length of stay is over. We still have a schedule but we don’t really have specific things to do so we do group studies and the like. I leave Wednesday morning at 2:30 for the airport so that I can take off to Canada, and I am so excited! I’ve loved it here but I can also not wait to leave. The time has gone by so fast but the days drag on so I’m still not quite sure how that works. I’ve made great friends within our two districts, and it was really hard saying goodbye to my companion Elder Cahua this morning as he left for Texas.
So…P-day is probably the most stressful day of the week because you have to try to respond to 14 different people and your parents and send out this weekly update…all while remembering what happened during the week, all within an hour. So yeah, not the most fun. But I’ll get used to it, because I love hearing from you all and sharing my experience.
Anyways, this week we started to teach our first real person (someone who isn’t our teacher I mean) and it was great. It was also really hard and humbled me a lot. But it also made me realize that it’s really helpful having a companion and the Spirit helps a lot – both with the language and with what to say. We were only able to teach Vic three times so it was sad when we had to leave him, especially since he had so many good questions.
Yesterday was very spiritual for me. Some of my friends in the zone performed “The Spirit of God” on the piano, cello, and violin, and then the meeting next door performed “A Child’s Prayer” so powerfully that we heard it through the wall. It really made me reflect on how awesome prayer is and how it’s helped to change and shape me, even just in these past 12 days. The speaker last night at Sunday devotional said something that stuck out to me actually. “We always have access to the Godhead, whether it be crying unto our Heavenly Father or receiving guidance or comfort from him via the Holy Ghost.” Like, wow. It made me really consider how true that actually is. We are never alone.

I sang in the MTC choir at Tuesday Devotional, “This is the Christ.” Amazing song with a good message and a super cool experience too.

We’ve played sand volleyball nearly every day during gym and that’s been really fun and brings our zone together.
All departing missionaries also had an “In-field Orientation” which was really cool because it was an all day workshop basically about what to do and how to do it when you get to the field. Really fun and learned a lot about the logistics side of being a missionary.
I’ve learned a lot about loving people during my stay and I’m sure that will continue throughout the next two years. I already have new appreciation for some relationships that I already have, just being grateful for the people I’ve met in my life and the experiences I’ve had. So thank you to each of you, because I look over the list of people I’m emailing and there isn’t a person on it hasn’t taught me something or impacted my life in some way, even if you don’t realize it.
Elder Madsen


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