So, Mondays are my P Day so I have today and the 20th. My companion is Elder Cahua, he was born in Lima but has lived in Utah for the past two years, so that’s really cool. We get along really well and study well too. My branch/zone is five Advanced Track Spanish districts, and the way that works is we are on the same two week track as English speakers except it’s all in Spanish. So we’re aren’t on a “language learning” track. I’m amazed at how quick I’m picking up new words and idioms and my fluency is improving a lot too. My district (12B) and our twin district (12A – the one we arrived with), are already really comfortable together, playing sand volleyball during gym and joking in Spanish. It’s all Spanish all the time…okay most of the time, but it’s to the point where I’m so exhausted and tired and not functioning fully in either language just due to fatigue basically.

Dorms are newly remodeled, I can see Y Mountain from my room. In my building it’s four guys to a room and the rooms are really big, so no complainets there. The cafeteria food is definitely better than BYU Hawaii’s, they have fresh fruit and vegetables, a salad/wrap bar as well as like three choices for each meal. They serve BYU Creamery ice cream every Wednesday and Sunday. We are definitely getting fed.
My daily schedule is tight and there’s never time for anything. It seems like it’s “memorize this, take notes on this, study this, read that” all with a due date but it’s all definitely doable…barely.
I’ve already run into Elders Jensen and Bateman, and Sister Rosenlund from school. It’s nice to see familiar faces.
It’s amazing the feeling that you get here. It’s sort of like, all of a sudden, I don’t mind in the least and I genuinely enjoy studying my scriptures and It’s definitely nice and the Spirit is with us nearly all the time. We got to go to the temple this morning and that was awesome to say the least. We had Sunday Devo by the MTC Admin Director and that was really good, and we had film time in the evening, so we watched David A. Bednar’s “The Character of Christ.” Amazing talk, really makes you think about things. I strongly suggest anybody and everybody listen/watch it.
Oh so I am also District Leader! So I am in charge of 12B right now, so half our zone, until we get Districts C-E in on Wednesday.
Hasta pronto,
Elder Madsen

Hermanas Harker and Zaribia


​Me with Sister Rosenlund from BYUH and our companions.

​Me and my two other roommates, and the only other gringos in the disctrict. Elder Boden (mid) and Elder Johnston (right)



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